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Subway Introduces Falafel in the Nation’s Capital

Compassion Over Killing is excited to let you know that vegan options are starting to sprout up again at Subway!

With large window signs on display calling out to “Veggie Lovers,” dozens of Subway stores in and around the nation’s capital have introduced a falafel sandwich. Available for a limited time, the falafel itself is vegan*, although it’s advertised with a cucumber sauce that contains dairy. No worries though — as with other sandwiches at Subway, your falafel sub can easily be customized.

Wondering where to get Subway’s falafel in DC? We’ve called over a hundred area locations and confirmed at least two dozen Subway stores currently serving up this chick pea patty. Check out our convenient map below – and stay tuned for updates as more locations are added to the list.

You can also read more about this exciting news and our WeLoveSubway.com campaign on our blog, Voices of Compassion.

Know of another Subway serving falafel that’s not currently on our list? Let us know!

* Note: Subway's falafel sandwich comes with a dairy-based cucumber sauce but it can be substituted upon request.

Ask Subway to add veggie options at all locations in the DC area ― and nationwide!

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