Get Your Vegan On!

You’ve been asking for vegan options, and Subway is responding: Subway is now teaming up with Beyond Meat to debut a plant-based meatball sub in 685 stores in the US and Canada!

Read and share the news and be sure to tell Subway you’re hungry for vegan subs nationwide!

Campaign updates

VICTORY: Subway to Launch “Beyond” Meatball Sub After Years-Long COK Campaign

August 2019:After a years-long campaign from Compassion Over Killing (COK) and its supporters, Subway told COK it will be launching a partnership with Beyond Meat to test a fully plant-based meatball marinara sub in 685 stores. The sub will come with topped with non-vegan cheese, but customers can order the meatball marinara without it for a delicious, compassionate option.

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Vegan Sub Debuts Nationwide at Subway UK

April 2019: After successful trials, Subway has announced the nationwide debut of a new vegan sub (and salad) with creamy garlic aioli in the UK. As plant-based menu items make their way to Subways around the globe, it's only a matter of time before US restaurants follow suit.

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Subway Vegan Options Expand into UK

October 2018: Subway is yet again dipping into the plant-based market by offering a fully vegan veggie patty in some of its UK stores. The patty is similar to the US vegetarian version, but, lucky for the UK, this version does not include any egg or milk ingredients!

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Subway Australia and New Zealand Trial Vegan Falafel Sandwich

July 2018: Subway has announced plans to introduce a vegan falafel sandwich option in 100 locations across Australia and New Zealand! This is another big step in Subway becoming more vegan-friendly around the globe.

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Subway rolls out vegan steak sandwich in Finland!

February 2018: Subway has rolled out a new vegan steak sandwich at close to two dozen locations in Finland — and now’s our chance to get them to add it to US menus, too. Submit your comment today!

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1,000+ Subways Now Offer Vegan Menu!

June 2015: More than 1,000 Subway locations are now dishing out the popular all-vegan Black Bean and Malibu Garden subs — in addition to DC and Los Angeles, you can find these vegan subs at participating locations in Connecticut and Southern Florida!

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Subway Widely Expands Vegan Menu in DC & LA!

March 2015: In the Washington, DC area, more than 300 Subway stores are in the process of rolling out a vegan menu that includes the all-vegan Malibu Garden and Black Bean sandwiches! Subway is also expanding its vegan test menu in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas to over 100 restaurants.

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Subway’s Vegan Options are Back in DC – for a Limited Time!

December 2014: Since the 2012 vegan test menu in DC, Subway has introduced falafel on in dozens of locations, it added hummus in over 1,000 stores nationwide, and tested vegan options in several Los Angeles restaurants. Now, for a limited time, Subway is re-introducing two hearty vegan sandwiches to select stores in and around the nation’s capital!

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Los Angeles Loves Subway’s Vegan Subs!

October 2014: In July, we shared the exciting news that nine Subway stores in Los Angeles started dishing out vegan subs: the tasty Malibu Garden and the delicious Black Bean (order on the Italian bread to make it a vegan meal). Three months later, we checked in with those stores to see how much customers love the vegan subs -- and the results suggest it's a resounding success!

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Subway Testing All-Vegan “Malibu Garden” & “Black Bean” Subs!

July 2014: Compassion Over Killing is thrilled to announce that your requests for more vegan options are working! Select Subway locations in Los Angeles are currently testing NEW all-vegan “Malibu Garden” and “Black Bean” sandwiches – even the marketing touts that they’re vegan!

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