Why Veggie Meats?

Vegetarian eating has become increasingly popular in the last several years, and people are looking for a diverse range of meatless options.

Nation's Restaurant News says if you want to improve and increase business: "Add vegetarian or vegan dishes to the mix. Vegetarian dishes, aside from being less expensive... also mitigate the veto vote. Usually, if you have a vegan in your party, that will dictate where the party eats... They want to make sure everybody's going to be satisfied, so diversity is going to be very important on the menu."

Veggie burgers have been a mainstream menu item for more than a decade, and are even offered at Burger King, Denny's, Johnny Rockets, Red Robin and many other restaurant chains. A new class of plant-based meats has gained popularity over the past several years that has an even greater similarity to the taste and texture of its meat counterparts. Meat-free "chicken," for example, is now sold at places like KFC in Canada and Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres regularly feature vegan food on their shows. Oprah publicly went on a "vegan cleanse" diet and included a segment in a recent "Oprah's Favorites" episode where vegan "chicken" was prepared.

Three vegan cookbooks recently made The New York Times bestsellers list; one of them reached the #1 best-seller spot on Amazon.com and it promotes plant-based meat substitutes.

All Baltimore public schools only serve vegetarian food on Mondays, and San Francisco and the District of Columbia have passed city-wide resolutions encouraging residents to partake in "Meat-Free Mondays."

A recent report from consumer research firm, Mintel, found that 23 percent of non-vegetarians eat meat alternatives.

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Comments (16,996)

Please make the veggie patties solely plant-based: you'd receive more customers by giving vegans more satisfying options that include plant protein, plus most vegetarians are open (and often prefer) to eat vegan food if available.
—Leslie Ezeh
Los Angeles, CA
Please bring the vegan sandwiches everywhere. You may not think Wyoming has a high vegan market, but there are plenty of people who love this! And would buy this all the time.
—Beth All
Cheyenne, WY
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make vegan patties available in the UK, I love Subway, even maxed out my Subcard a couple years ago, since going vegan I've had to stop going since the veggie patty isn't vegan. PLEASE make this available in the UK! Expand your market, plenty of vegans here!
—Michael Harding
London, United Kingdom
Pls pls pls bring a vegan patty to Guelph ont
—Debbie Tymura
Guelph, Canada
We'd love to have the vegan subs in the Chicagoland area!
—Meredith Watkins
Berwyn, IL
Went to location on Ashlan and peach. TERRIBLE!!!!! Can't even speak English properly and I cannot even request mayonnaise and mustard because they neglect to put it on because they cannot get my order correct. What a disappointment. Way to lose 2 customers subway.
—Nicole Seward
Clovis, CA
NEED the vegan options in Boston! Please and thank you!
—Olivia Watson
Boston, MA
Hey there Subway! My fiance and I would love to see some vegan options in Beaumont TX. Did you know that eating meat can be as harmful as smoking cigarettes? And is directly linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity? We love our friends and family and would love for them to have easy, delicious vegan options while out and about, on lunch breaks, and traveling. Be at the forefront of healthy fast food! Plant-based diets have increased tremendously in the past year, with expectations to become the leading food trend in 2018. YES TO VEGAN OPTIONS! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!
—Baylee Ovalle
Beaumont, TX
Vegan subs in Barcelona and all over Spain please! Thanks!
—Allen Rondon
When are the vegan patties going nationwide? I'd really love to see them in RI. Thanks!
—Dean Figuerado
Coventry, RI