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Comments (18,079)

I stopped going to subway when I got tired of a bunch of raw, boring vegetables on a naked bun. Please start offering some vegan food with substance so I can come back.
—Pat Cirillo
Rochester, NY
Can you please provide more vegan friendly options at your restaurants? Black bean or southwestern patty would be a wonderful start! I live in Johnson City Tennessee. Thank you! Martha Courtney
—Martha Courtney
Johnson City, TN
Vegan options needed in United States Subway locations too!
—Sagar Kalburgi
Scottsdale , AZ
I love all the veggies Subway offers, would be great to have more interesting options!
—Jessica Skeldon
Utica, NY
Need this in AZ!! I have one literally next door to my work and I would love to have more reasons to go there. Especially consider giving a vegan option for one of the sub of the days..
—Amber Hadlock
Surprise, AZ
Would love to see more vegan options on your menu here in Utah
—Andy Miller
Salt Lake City, UT
Vegan subs in WI, please!! Heard about vegan options years ago, but still waiting to find it!
—Tia Bransted
Milwaukee, WI
Please add at least a better vegan option on the menus in Hawaii. I rarely eat at Subway as my choices are a salad or a salad on bread. I feel left out when my friends go and ask if there is anything I want, because there isn't at least here.
—Debra Casey
Honolulu, HI
Please start serving more vegan options at subways in DC, MD, and VA! I PROMISE I would become a regular customer if you do, I work right next door to a Subway in DC and would go all the time. Would love a vegan patty in all the stores, or a vegan chicken option! Please, please, please!
—Allison Friedman
Please bring the vegan meat options to the US! Vegans are growing in numbers and love love to try out your new vegan meat option. Be the pioneer here in the US!
—Rosie Ruiz
Carson City, NV