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Comments (17,990)

We need more vegan options in Maryland. A vegan black bean sub would be amazing!
—Jonathan Rosenberry
Silver Spring, MD
Please make a vegan sub!
—Sal Disalvo
Massapequa , NY
Please bring the vegan black bean & malibu garden patties to the Bahamas.
—Kristy Cartwright
Nassau, Bahamas
Austin has become a hub for vegan items and san antonio's vegan community is growing fast! subway would do well to simply offer the options. Please!!!
—Jason Alvear
San Antonio, TX
I live in Augusta, GA. I never go to subway because they do not have vegan options. Instead I go to whichwich & get their black bean patty sandwich. I’d go to subway if they had options.
—Chelsea Henson
Augusta, GA
Would love to try some vegan subs here in the Phoenix area!
—Carolyn Vickrey
Chandler , AZ
Please offer more vegan options!! Thank you.
—Tanya Eckhoff
Bradenton, FL
I am still waiting for Vegan alternatives in Muskegon, MI. So far, nothing but the "Veggi" Sandwich, there are many vegan burgers in the stores, why not try those?
—Linda Szurley
Muskegon, MI
Please provide a vegan option! I stopped eating at subway because I turned vegetarian and the only option subway currently offers is a veggie sandwich. I couldn’t eat a veggie sandwich every time.
—Katherine Mosquera
Glendale, NY
I live near Cork, Ireland and I've stopped going to Subway after I became vegan. I'd try it again if a vegan option was available!
—Leslie Burban
Cork, Ireland