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Comments (18,101)

We in San Antonio only got the veggie patty last year late last year even so when can we expect vegan sandwiches? 2025?
—Jeffrey Wright
San Antonio, TX
Please offer veggie meats at all your locations. Thank you and God bless!
—Satish Karandikar
Belle Mead, NJ
I would love to see veggie meats offered at your locations in East Texas. Thank you
—Lisa Price
Greenville, TX
I eat at Subway often as a vegetarian, and I'm transitioning into being vegan. It would be awesome if there were a few vegan options.
—Amanda Farrington
South Portland, ME
All vegetarians can eat vegan, but vegans don't eat vegetarian food. Why not offer vegan options that we can all eat? Seems like a good business move.
—Terri David
Venice, FL
Please offer vegan options in all Subways, and it will become a go-to in our house!
—Wendy Tsaninos
Phoenix, AZ
I would love vegan options. Like the vegan steak sub in Finland
—kristina kokinos
pelham, NH
I used to love Subway.... but there are not vegan options so I had to quit.
—Martha Paulson
Boulder, CO
I used to eat at Subway a lot as a vegetarian but as a vegan there are no good options. Please open the door to vegans!
—Forrest Burke
Phoenix, AZ
Bring vegan options to every store so I can eat at Subway again!
—Adam Burke
Phoenix, AZ