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Comments (18,079)

Please offer vegan options in the US!!! I never eat at subway because of lack of options but I would eat here weekly if this was offered!
Peoria, AZ
I enjoy the veggie and the veggie patty subs and would love to have more vegan choices. Thnx!
—Lee Marie Sanchez
Huntington Beach, CA
Please offer more vegan options at your shop than the Veggie Delight! Thank you!
—Denise Scholz
Bayonne, NJ
more vegan please
—ron borland
Newnan, GA
It would be so nice if the black bean vegan sub was offered in my area, but North Carolina is always so far down the list for vegan and vegetarian options. Can’t even get the veggi patty at most locations.
—Edward Gerster
Raleigh, NC
Please give us some vegan options! Thanks.
—Don Dudan
Walnut Creek, CA
I travel a lot, often to rural areas and small towns. Even when there are few options, there's often a Subway. But, historically there's nothing appealing for me to eat at Subway so I insist we go elsewhere. You'd make my mate VERY happy if you'd start offering something I can eat too. A few other points: (1) Not just in major metropolitan areas. Vegans and vegetarians aren't confined to cities. (2) Don't think of this as an accommodation to a small demographic. People who aren't vegan eat vegan food too, when it's good. Design some plant-based options that appeal to ALL people, not just vegans. (3) Variety matters. Just like meat-eating customers like to choose between turkey and ham, not all of us like the same thing all the time either.
—D Attanasio
Washington, DC
Thank you for offering vegan options at your stores! could you please make them available at all of your stores? Subway is the only place I can really eat when traveling and I'd love to have more options! Thank you!
—Lara Watson
Seneca Falls, NY
Please develop more vegan or veggie meat alternatives selections. Make beans, lentils, vegan cheese, vegan and veggie meat choices available on your products. Demand is here and now. Could be a great business move!
—Kathy Olson
Rochert, MN
Would LOVE to see Subway offer vegan options in the NC Triangle area! Thanks so much for considering this request.
—Cynthia Rice
Durham, NC