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Comments (18,116)

Please bring the vegan sandwich to the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex!
—Molly Chance
Midlothian , TX
The world needs more vegan meats.
—Katie Murphy
Duluth, MN
Bring vegan options to subway!
—Emma Sodie
Bethesda, MD
Please introduce vegan subs in Midwestern states!!
—Alyse Dorton
Columbus, OH
Please please please add vegan options in Subways in northeast Louisiana!
—Karen Brinson
Downsville , LA
Please bring the vegan steak and other vegan options to subway in Canada and Australia!
—Hayley Crumb
Adelaide , Australia
I would definitely eat at Subway again and frequently if they offered vegan meats. The veggie sandwiches got a little old. I know many people in Berkeley, CA would be thrilled if they offered vegan meats.
—Amy Oleksijew
I would love to have more vegan options while i’m on the go! there are very few vegan options here in new braunfels, texas. Please!
—Olivia Mitchell
seguin, TX
Please, please create more vegan options that are worldwide rather than just salad in a sub!
—Jai Smith
Loughborough, United Kingdom
I would absolutely love to have veggie meat options at Subway! I don’t eat a lot of the vegetables they have (dietary restrictions) so since I stopped eating meat Subway hasn’t been an option for me, which is incredibly disappointing given that I used to eat there at least once a week. I’ve gone with other people just to smell it because I miss it so much!
—Tyquila Eastman
London ON, Canada