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Comments (17,990)

Please offer a vegan sub. I would eat at Subway but they don't have vegan options.
—Odalis Lucero
Los Angeles, CA
My wife and I are vegans, and we sure would be delighted if Subway would expand its menu to include more vegan options such as cheese and meat substitutes.
—Barry Stevenson
Marana, AZ
Please bring vegan options to the UK. I was a regular Subway customer for many years but since going vegan the only option available at UK Subways is a salad sub, which isn’t substantial or satisfying. Please make the veggie pattie vegan and I’ll be a regular customer again. Many thanks. Nicholas
—Nicholas Bayley
London, United Kingdom
I'm tired of the delite. I liked the patty but it isn't vegan. Please bring the vegan patties to WA.
—Corey Shay
Kirkland, WA
I love the veggie delite but now that I'm vegan I would love a good cheese alternative and an egg free mayo. Thanks for your time!
—Dominique Marquez
Riverside, CA
I'm hungry please have vegan subs. I miss subway
—Cory Quesnelle
Penetanguishene, Canada
Please get vegan options! I'm hungry and want to enjoy subway again
—Cory Quesnelle
Penetanguishene, Canada
We need vegan subs in New York City!!!
—Maurice Grefe
Manhattan, NY
I used to eat Subway a lot but anymore it's a waste of money to buy a veggie sub when I can make it cheaper at home. Heartier vegan options would attract myself and many other vegans for sure!
—Mandy M
Marquette, MI
Please off vegan subs
—Michele Laviolette
Longwood, FL