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Comments (16,977)

We need vegan options in Saratoga Springs/Albany NY!
—Punit Jain
Saratoga, NY
Please bring vegan to Hermosillo Sonora Mexico!!
—Edith Soberanes
hermosillo, Mexico
My whole family members are vegan and we love your vegan support. Thanks thanks
—Vuong Nguyen
I just recently changed my diet to a vegan diet. I would love for the Portland, OR subways to carry the new vegan black bean patty. I would probably start eating subway 3 times a week if you had this. Please and thank you!
—Daryl Gregory
Portland, OR
I'd love to see all your new vegan options in Canada. Thanks.
—Lisa Howell
Barrie, Canada
We need those black bean vegan burgers (and other vegan options) here in NYC (and EVERYWHERE!)
—Justine Marie Vickers
Flushing, NY
Would love to have vegan options. Love subway!! My favorite place to eat!!! Love fresh veggie options!!! Please bring to McAlester OK!!
—Stacey Horton
McAlester, OK
Subway, I live in SEATTLE, WA. How has this city not been selected for the Vegan Black Bean and Malibu Garden patties? It's SEATTLE! C'mon! Enough people here will easily eat these items to have it be well worth it. Just think how much business you're losing if two co-workers are looking for a quick lunch and one is vegan. The non-vegan one will say "Hey man I want to make sure you get enough protein so until Subway brings the Black Bean patty and the Malibu Patty we should go somewhere else" ...SO, You're not only losing the business of the Vegan, you're losing the business of the VEGAN'S FRIEND TOO!!!! Yikes, Subway, we know for a FACT you are all SMARTER than that! Yay! Vegan Stuff come to Subway!!
—Joe Everyman
Seattle, WA
I am beyond excited to see vegan options popping up at subway! Bring the vegan patties to Massachusetts!!!!! ;)
—Kayla Brady
Stoughton, MA, MA
Please bring the Vegan Menu to Buffalo, NY!
—Walter Wallace
West Seneca, NY