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Comments (18,101)

Hi Subway, When are you bringing the new mock meat vegan sandwich to the UK vegan food industry is massive over here! I’ve been vegan for 17+yrs and I’ve never seen anything like the explosion of the vegan food business in the past 5yrs especially since last year. Every single supermarket and most coffee shops offer vegan food. Please don’t forget us brits.
—Larissa Bailey
London , United Kingdom
Please SUBWAY can we have more vegan options in the UK. This is your chance to dominate the fast-growing vegan market.
LYMINGTON, United Kingdom
Please create vegan options!
—erika lambert
locust grove, VA
Do we have vegan malibu patty in any San Jose location
—Gurleen Kaur
San Jose, CA
NC needs more fast food vegan options. Come on, Subway, be the leader of the pack!!!
—Ewa Agusta
Clayton, NC
Please bring the vegan sandwich to the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex!
—Molly Chance
Midlothian , TX
The world needs more vegan meats.
—Katie Murphy
Duluth, MN
Bring vegan options to subway!
—Emma Sodie
Bethesda, MD
Please introduce vegan subs in Midwestern states!!
—Alyse Dorton
Columbus, OH
Please please please add vegan options in Subways in northeast Louisiana!
—Karen Brinson
Downsville , LA