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Comments (17,990)

Please make more vegan options and bring them to Canada!!
—Tracy Fiebig
Alliston, ON, Canada
Would love alternatives to meat and dairy!! Please do your part to help animals
—Tanya Kasper
Wimberley, TX
UC IRVINE needs the Black Bean and Malibu Garden patties back! And more vegan options in general. Like the all-vegan Sweet Riblet, yum.
—Stephanie Allen
Irvine, CA
A simple change would be to make the veggie patty vegan. Other vegan subs would be very welcome here in Houston. A barbecue would be a good fit for this locale.
—Brianne Donaldson
Houston, TX
Subway is one of my favorite restaurants for lunch and a quick meal. I hope Subway becomes an leader in providing healthful, cruelty-free and planet-friendly meals by offering more delicious, vegan meals.
—Harriett Emerson
Berkeley, CA
We need more vegan options!
—Rhyanna Jarrett
Chico, CA
More vegan options, please! I'd start going to Subway again if there were more vegan choices for me.
—Amy Dierberger
Somerville, MA
As a vegan in Wilmington, Delaware, I would love it if you would offer veggie meats!
—Victoria Crompton
Wilmington, DE
Please expand your menu to include more vegan options. I have stopped eating at Subway since going vegan, and would return if more options were available.
—Richard George
Charlotte, NC
Do we have vegan sub option in OH? Please send the our way! We have a lot of people that will eat them!
—Ayla Gencer
Cleveland, OH