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Comments (18,116)

When will garlic bread be available again? Please consider making it a daily choice. All that is needed is the garlic butter spread right?
—Martha Eaves
Florence, AL
Please bring a vegan option to Maryland, but specifically the DMV area. I used to love subway, but now I am vegan and no longer can really enjoy the subs anymore.
—Alia Hassan
Bladensburg , MD
More vegan options please!
—Josh Wenglin
Weymouth, MA
Bring the vegan patty to all of Central Arkansas!
—Brandon Eidson
Benton, AR
Vegan is the future ! Vegan meats and cheese would sell so quickly and bring in huge revenue! Please offer vegan sandwiches :)
—Samantha Parr
Scottsdale, AZ
Could you please add vegan options in MA?
—Anita Singh
Norwood, MA
Please introduce a simple TVP Beef worldwide until your mock meat tests are done elsewhere. You can also do Pre-Fried Tofu if the previous option is too hard for you.
—Ian Yares
Los Angeles , CA
Store# 55998-0, I will definitely come back to Subway!! Daphne has very good customer service experience very polite and you need to keep her very long time
—Jammie Miller
San Diego , , CA
Roll out vegan menu in nyc please
—Brad Smitts
Please, Mexico needs vegan options on the subway stores!
—Thania Rivera
Coyoacan, Mexico