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Comments (16,996)

I am hungry for vegan options
—Jardiel Vargas
Providence, RI
When are the vegan patties going to be nationwide? I live in RI and would really love to see them here. Thanks!
—Dean Figuerado
Coventry, RI
Hi Subway, I love your sandwiches but since I've become vegan I don't find you have too many options or if any options for plant based proteins and options. I'd love to come back and enjoy your subs, please add more vegan options!
—Miranda Adams
Holly Hill, FL
Yes to vegan options please
—Lisa Gruttola
Lake grove, NY
Hi Subway! So glad to hear that you are offering VEGAN options on the menu - Hope to see them in the Midwest (IL) soon!!
—Stephanie Piantanida
Swansea, IL
We need vegan options at subways in LA! I would be there all the time.
—Fernando Torres
Torrance , CA
Trying to go into the vegan lifestyle!
—tahlia nunes
Miramar, FL
What about vegan turkey or vegan ham?They might be a popular option.
—Samuel Lang
L.A., CA
Please bring veggie meats to GR
—Bev Bayer
Grand Rapids, MI
I had the Malibu vegan patty in CT and it was great! Please bring these to IN!
—Sandeep Raja
Madison, IN