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Comments (18,079)

All vegetarians can eat vegan, but vegans don't eat vegetarian food. Why not offer vegan options that we can all eat? Seems like a good business move.
—Terri David
Venice, FL
Please offer vegan options in all Subways, and it will become a go-to in our house!
—Wendy Tsaninos
Phoenix, AZ
I would love vegan options. Like the vegan steak sub in Finland
—kristina kokinos
pelham, NH
I used to love Subway.... but there are not vegan options so I had to quit.
—Martha Paulson
Boulder, CO
I used to eat at Subway a lot as a vegetarian but as a vegan there are no good options. Please open the door to vegans!
—Forrest Burke
Phoenix, AZ
Bring vegan options to every store so I can eat at Subway again!
—Adam Burke
Phoenix, AZ
Often when out running errands, would love to get a Subway sandwich, but no options than veggie. Since I am a vegan, I don't have any sauce for it, just oil & vinegar. Please offer us vegans a choice!! Thx
—Lynne Galton
Marietta, GA
I would love to have a consistent, delicious vegan entree options offered in Phoenix and other cities. Please consider making vegan entrees available across the US. The veggie patty is not always available and I would like another option. Thank you very much!
—Leah Tsinajinnie
Phoenix, AZ
I am a vegetarian who would love to have more vegetarian and vegan options at Subway.
—Christyl Marsh
Milwaukee, WI
we want vegan subs and veggie meats nationwide!!!!
—lily becker
chicago, IL