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Comments (18,116)

If you were to add vegetarian meat alternatives to your menu, I'd definitely make Subway my go-to lunch spot!
—Danielle Boyd
Baltimore, MD
I love that I can always get a delicious veggie option at Subway, but would love to see something more substantial like veggie meats on your menu.
—Quinn Erickson
Santa Fe, NM
Oh, man -- that would be awesome to be able to get vegan meats at Subway. My fingers are crossed!
—Paul S
Gaithersburg, MD
Subway, veggie meats rock. I know they'd be a huge hit. Starting with my family.
—Aaron Adams
Tempe, AZ
Please add veggie "meats". I'd be so grateful!
—RJ Forte
Detroit, MI
I've been cutting down on the meat I eat. Now I eat it like once a day instead of three times a day. I hope Subway gets these veggie meats in. It'd be awesome!
—Josh Lake
Hayes, KS
Oh man! Sometimes I buy a Subway veggie sandwich and then take it home and put those tofurkey slices on it. SOO good. I'd love it if I could order them right in the store!
—James Stooks
Hartford, CT
Dear Subway, I'd absolutely love it if you could offer vegeterian deli slices like Tofurky. I live right near one of your locations and would be there at least 4 times a week. - Walter
—Walter Smith
Philadelphia, PA
Subway is such staple in my diet -- it's cheap, fast, locations are everywhere. But it's true that the veggie delight gets boring. And since i don't eat eggs, i don't order that veggie patty thing that only some places have anyway. I would definitely order a sandwich with veggie meats if that was an option -- and i know several of my vegan friends who would, too!
—Kyle Layton
Minneapolis, MN
Yes -- I'd very much like Subway to add veggie meats! My daughter is a vegetarian and she's always in need of a quick meal, but she's getting tired of the Veggie Delight and wants something "meatier" (her words). She's even convinced me to reduce my consumption of meat, and these veggie meats would be a wonderful alternative
—Beth Goldman
Pikesville, MD