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My husband and I both are trying to eat healthier, which includes reducing our consumption of meat. Meat alternatives, like veggie deli slices, are helping us transition while still satisfying our taste buds and nutritional needs. Such options are virtually unavailable in chain restaurants. Subway should lead the way!
—Dawn O'Malley
Springfield, MO
Dear Subway, I've been a loyal customer for years because you make your food fresh and fast -- but since I became vegetarian last year, your menu seems so much less appealing to me. If you added veggie deli slices to your sandwiches, that would make a world of difference to me and countless other vegetarians, like me. Thank you!
—Kim Burns
Westchester, NY
I would be so happy if Subway added veggie meats to their sandwiches! My vegetarian club at school could meet there for lunch meetings and have more options!
—Melissa Ayres
South Portland, ME
My daughter is a vegetarian and we grab Subway sometimes for a quick meal but she's tired of eating veggies on bread. She would be thrilled (and I would too) if there was a more substantial vegetarian option at Subway.
—Tina Bertrand
Nashville, TN
If Subway added veggie meats, my friends and I would definitely start eating there again. We just got bored with the plain veggies on bread...
—Yolanda Jones
Columbus, IL
Please add veggie meats! I eat at Subway several days a week and always bring it back to my office and add my own vegan deli slices because veggies alone is just not enough... Thank you!
—Cara Herring
San Jose, CA
A veggie meat option at Subway would be really popular in DC -- people are already waiting in lines to grab a veggie "chicken" burrito from Chipotle in Dupont Circle. And there is a Subway just down the street ...
—Megan Woods
Washington, DC
Veggie meats at Subway? Great idea -- this would make so much sense since Subway already offers healthier meals that most quick service restaurants, yet Subway's meatless menu is still lacking a substantial option. Veggie meats would fix that and keep Subway way ahead of the rest.
—Chris Battle
Asheville, NC
I grew up eating Subway and love the smell of their fresh bread! But since I became a vegetarian a few years ago, I don't go as often because the options are so limited and drab. Veggie meats would bring me, and countless of my veggie friends, back to Subway! Please add veggie meats (tofurky is my favorite for sandwiches)!
—Amy Otis
Hartford, CT
As a new vegetarian, I've been searching for a good place to get a cheap and convenient meal for lunch. Subway is a good place and I eat there often, but veggie meats would make the Veggie Delight so much more appealing and satisfying!
—Gabriella Martinez
Phoenix, AZ