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Comments (17,953)

As a relatively new vegetarian, Subway is one of my favorite places for a quick and tasty meal, though I agree that adding a veggie meat would make that meal even better!
—Peter Coates
Alexandria, VA
this is such a good idea! if subway offered veggie meats, my friends and i would eat there all the time because it'd be the only place near school to eat a real vegetarian lunch. i do like the veggie delight, but it usually doesn't fill me up because it's just veggies and bread. Even vegetarians want a "meaty" meal sometimes, made with veggie meats, of course. Thank you, Subway!
—Stephanie Cassalia
Salt Lake City, UT
YES! that would be amazing -- i eat at subway sometimes for lunch, but i would eat there more often if i could get a sandwich filled with veggies AND vegetarian deli slices!
—Sara Timmons
Syracuse, NY