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Comments (18,080)

I'd love to see a veggie deli slice at Subway. It'd be the perfect to go along with the veggie delight, chips, and a drink!
—Jesse Halloway
Boston, MA
YES! I love the bread but the veggie sandwich is pretty boring. Please add a tasty veg slice like Tofurky deli slice. Many thanks!
—Peggy Moniz
Coeur d'Alene, ID
I usually carry my own Tofurkey and Veganaise if I know I'm going to Subway and if I didn't have to, it would be revolutionary!
—shane wolfe
portland, OR
That would be AMAZING! Besides pizza, Subway is one of the only restaurants I can eat in in my small town. I would love if they were to add veggie meats!
—Brandy Nabors
Princeton, TX
It only makes sense to add this option to your already healthy menu! I think it would attract a lot of business from the growing vegetarian and vegan community and wouldn't take that much effort on your part. Plant based diet is gaining interest and is on the increase, even in families who do eat meat!
—Shana Burtle
Cary, NC
Awesome idea! I really hope they go for it; it would definitely open up their customer base, and get me eating there more often.
—Deb Potts
Waupaca, WI
As a loyal Subway customer for many years and a recent convert to the vegan lifestyle I heartily concur to the fabulous idea of adding plant based meat alternatives to your menu. In my opinion, sales would greatly increase! Please add plant based meat alternatives!
—Melinda Maarouf
Houston, TX
Please add veggie "meats" (Tofurkey? Gardein?) to your menu so that the millions of vegetarians in the US can enjoy Subway! (Veggies on bread are okay, but not quite enough.) Also, please make a simple tweak to your veggie patty to make it vegan (and gain even more customers). Please expand your commitment to health and nutrition by acknowledging vegetarians and adding new items that are healthier and better for the environment than meat. Thanks!
—Polly G
Baltimore, MD
Please consider adding meatless meat options to your menu. I would be more likely to eat there if there were more options for vegetarians. Thanks!
—Bethany Ransom
Murphysboro, IL
I don't eat at subway because of all the preservatives and unnatural chemicals they put in their products. Veggie meats sounds like a good idea for those who don't care so much about health it is better for the animals :-) http://www.subway.com/applications/NutritionInfo/Files/usProdIngredients.pdf
—Javier de la Camara
Takoma Park, MD