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Comments (18,080)

The Subway veggie sandwich is great. That said, a growing man needs veggies AND protein! I would love to see Subway add Tofurky slices so that I could frequent Subway more regularly. As I am on the road about half of the year, it would be great to be able to stop in at any Subway and get a tasty and filling vegan meal. Thanks for your consideration, Subway!
—Jon Camp
Takoma Park, MD
Lets do it....Get with it SUBWAY!!!!!!!!!
—anthony droso
91401, CA
I used to always go to subway for my turkey subs but since going vegan, i opt for the vegie delight. If you guys also had Veggie Meats it would help so much and be extra delicious! COME ON SUBWAY BRING ON THE VEGGIE MEATS!
—Stephanie Nunn
Los angeles, CA
I enjoy the occasional veggie sub from Subway (maybe once a month or two), but if Subway expanded their veg options I'd be there all the time!
—John Oberg
Phoenix, AZ
I would love more a roasted vgetable sub option! I love the fresh vegetable sub but I would go more often if there were more truly healthy options.
—Danielle Palombo
Tallahassee, FL
Come on Subway, let's have some Vegan options, nom, nom, nom!!!
—James Coils
Hartlepool, United Kingdom
My husband loves Subway. I enjoy the veggie delight, but would really appreciate more veggie options. We would definitely eat here more often with more veggie choices!
—M R
Sudbury, Canada
Please bring Daiya cheese and Tofurkey Slices to your UK menu's.
—Marcus Prymaka
Gloucester, United Kingdom
More and more people are vegetarian or vegan. It's time to offer more options to these customers.
—Gary C-G
Castlegar, Canada
Vegans need more options!
—Elizabeth Doolittle
Seattle, WA