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Comments (17,990)

Please offer these vegan options!!!!!!!!!!!
—Aaron Edge
Los Angeles, CA
More Vegan sandwiches would be fabulous! Vegans would be able to find a vegan option in almost any town since Subways are everywhere! Please Subway, continue to be forward thinking and the healthy fast food choice for everyone!
—Kadi Ingram
Turlock, CA
Please provide veggie meats as an options with your sandwhiches that are already a healhier alternative to fast food
—beau brendley
philadelphia, PA
Please, please offer 'veat' (vegetarian meat)! I go to Subway often (especially when I travel) and to have vegetarian meats as a protein option would be absolutely wonderful!
—Mireya Mata
Valley view, TX
I would love to see more vegan options at Subway, just for more variety. I never get subs anywhere else, but I would really enjoy being able to eat more than just a plain veggie sandwich, not that the sandwich isn't already great! Also, Japan gets avocado spread for their sandwiches. I would LOVE to see that in Canada!
—Rachel Morris
Regina, SK, Canada
First of all, thank you for offering a veggie pattie. However, if you would offer more meat-free "meats", I'd be more of a regular customer than a casual customer.
—Gloria Huerta
North Hollywood, CA
I would LOVE if Subway carried more veg options! My boyfriend and I go there every now and then, but we'd definitely go there more often if I could get more than veggies! Please carry faux meats and maybe some vegan cheese or veganaise!
—Beth Cherry
New Orleans, LA
I woul definitely eat there more if I had more options. Especially if they were vegan and healthy. I prefer organic and non gmo products as well. I would live to be able to feed my whole family their.
—Tonya Barnes
Owensboro, KY
The Vegimax patty was an encouraging start, but I was disappointed to see it wasn't vegan. Love the regular veggies sub, but some more variety would be awesome. Go Subway!
—Ken Stuber
Appleton, WI
This would be awesome! As a vegan it's hard to find vegan or vegetarian options while traveling on the road, just recently took a 10 hour drive to Asheville NC, and there are no quick health options on the road.
—Marisa Knight
Phillipsburg, NJ