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Comments (17,953)

Field Roast deli slices. They are the BEST out there! Www.fieldroast.com
—Danielle Devine
Brooklyn, NY
Please offer more vegan options! It would be great to have an option when I am out to be able to eat that was healthy and tasty!
—Kelly Cavalier
Ottawa, Canada
Your business will increase by offering more veggie/vegan options! We can only eat so many "salad sandwiches"!
—SE O.
Steamboat Springs, CO
I rarely go to Subway anymore since I went vegan. A roll with just veggie on it is not very filling or satisfying. I eat lunch on the road at least 2-3 times a week, I would definitely add Subway to my friendly food places if they added veggie meat and cheeses!
—stephanie s
Collegeville, PA
Vegetarian meats would be a fantastic addition to the Subway line-up... AND would make your stores a no-brainer road trip destination! I don't care so much about the cheese, but having vegan protein would be great! Please consider!
—Kendra Robinson
Atlanta, GA
I would definitely make a point of going to Subway more if there were more vegetarian and vegan options. There are so many vegetarian "meats" and vegan "cheeses" (Daiya!!) out there, that it would hardly be a stretch for Subway to bring these options on board.
—Keri Cronin
St. Catharines, ON, Canada
It would be so great if you had a vegan option!!!!!!!!!
—Amy Zeidman
East Brunswick, NJ
I love subway and go there once a week and order the foot long veggie on wheat without cheese. I don't need a fake meat option. I would love to have hummus as an option and avocado. This would give both more fat and protein substance to the sandwiches.
—Maureen E
Chicago, IL
Adding Tofurkey to the menu would be a dream come true! I love Subway, and more options = more love!
—Taylor Martin
Lake Forest, CA
I used to go to Subway all the time when I was younger but ever since I became a vegan I have seldom visited due to the lack of options. I would love it if there was a vegan cheese or vegan faux meat option for Subway sandwiches so that I can start going back agin!
—Amanda Citarella
New York, NY