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Comments (18,080)

Daiya cheese would be so good!!
—Joanne Clark
Guelph, Canada
I would LOVE to see Tofurky @ Subway!
—Heather Quance
Syracuse, NY
I like subway and the Veggie... Please, more veggie options... <3
—Nicole Umbreit
hirschbach, Haiti
We get the Veggie Delite sandwich without cheese all the time and like it, but this sounds like another great, healthy, and humane option for everyone!
—Bev Germun
Chicago, IL
yay!!!! i would love more VEGAN options! go subway!
—christine doolan
windham, NY
I love Subway! It would be great to have more vegan options!
—Paulina Logan
Ukiah, CA
Hey, I wish you can add some soy options for all vegan ppl in Mexico! :)
—Yoselin Castelan
Mexico, Mexico
I'd become a regular if Subway offered vegan alternatives
—William Longenecker
Annapolis, MD
Tofurkey veggie sub with hot peppers?! YUM!
—Cory Smith
Gaithersburg, MD
As a vegan Subway customer for years and fan of the "Veggie Delight" sand., I would love to have more options on the menu and bring my co-workers to lunch on a more healthier way... Thanks.
—Nelson Goldstein
Rockville, MD