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Comments (18,080)

I would love to have Tofurky at Subway! I eat there all the time, when traveling and there's one in my office building. But, the veggie sandwich is kind of plain and not filling. Adding tofurky would be awesome!
—Eric Blank
Rockville, MD
I would go to Subway for lunch everyday if there were more than one veggie option!
—j Murphy
London, Canada
i would definitely eat there even more often with these options.
—chris wade
I'd love to see whole wheat bread in addition to the refined, white flour fare that's currently available.
—Linda Vixie
Colorado Springs, CO
I love Subway and I love tofurky, bringing the two together would be a dream come true! :)
—Ashleigh Potter
Washington, DC
Subway was definitely my go-to place for a quick lunch. Now, that I'm vegan, I go less. Thanks for the Veggie Delight but more option would be fabulous.
—I. Warfield
Oakland, CA
Hey Subway! Vegetarian doesn't mean we only eat salad! We happen to like exciting sandwiches just like everyone else
—Sarah S
Hobart, IN
Tofurkey and "deli" slices would be great at Subway. Also vegenaise (eggless mayo) would be fantastic!! Do it Subway!!!
—Nancy Weinflash
Petaluma, CA
Before I learned about the miserable lives suffered by animals on modern farms and adjusted my diet to exclude meat, eggs, and dairy, I enjoyed Subway's sandwiches regularly. I'd love to return to Subway for vegan meat and cheese sandwiches. Subway: "Eat fresh," with a conscious. I like it!
—Mark Peters
Baltimore, MD
This is a great option for ALL!
—Melisser Elliott
San Francisco, CA