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Comments (16,996)

Being able to order vegetarian deli slices on a subway sandwich would be heaven! it'd be a wonderful addition to your menu -- healthy and compassionate!
—Theresa Reeves
Boulder, CO
I am a long-time vegan who craves protein, especially when I go out to eat. Tofurky is one of my favorite brands for lean protein. Subway, please add this to your menu!
—Tim Novak
Chicago, IL
I have to travel a lot for work and Subway is a great option for me at airports and in cities that are not familiar to me. It would be wonderful if there were more vegetarian options available.
—Phil Clark
Twin Lakes, WI
I'd love to see a mock meat at Subway. Subway offers a great veggie option with the veggie delight, but I know I'd be eating at Subway so much more if there were mock deli slices I could add to my sandwich. I hope this is available soon!
—Lindsey Kirkson
Dallas, TX
subway has to add veggie deli slices! it would be so tasty and i'd eat there all the time!!
—Joy Tran
Athens, GA
Subway used to be one of my favorites before I went vegan. Even though it has veg options, the just bread & veggies option is a little boring. I would definitely start eating there more if they had mock meats!
—Justine Meyer
Lousville, KY
Yes! What a great addition to Subway! With a mock meat, I'd get such a better meal at Subway!
—Justin Heady
Austin, TX
I just stopped eating meat, and I've been looking for places where I can get a quick, filling veggie meal. If Subway were to add the veggie deli slices, it would be at the top of my list for lunch spots!
—Ashley Zimm
Salem, OR
I would love if Subway had veggie slices! I used to eat at Subway all the time, but I got tired of the same old veggies only sandwiches. I'd definitely go back if they had veggie deli slices.
—Julie Cristof
Atlanta, GA
Eating Subway twice a week helped me lose a lot of weight (just like Jared!). But eating too much meat gave me cholesterol problems, so I'm cutting back. I've heard that some of these meat substitutes taste like the real thing, and if I could get them at a restaurant like Subway that knew how to season them and put them on good bread, that would really help me. I say Give it a shot, Subway.
—Barbara Murphy
Boston, MA