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Two weekends ago i had my first subway sandwich, just vegetables and mustard. i have to say it was delicious (for what it was) and i would love to see subway offer mock meats and non dairy cheeses! ill be back!
—paul schumacher
san jose, CA
Oh my god I am a grad student in Miami and have the longest days ever. There is also a subway on campus if they head vegan "meat" options I would actually go there. Right nowmy only on campus food option is veggie sushi or bring my lunch/dinner. I would love to have another option!!
—Shanna Gundry
Miami , FL
It would be great , I would ear there all the time
—Maude Duncan
Edmonton, Canada
This would be fantastic! I travel alot and finding good, fast food on the road can be difficult.
—Jennifer Krisuk
Tulsa, OK
We are a vegetarian/vegan family and on road trips we often have to pack our own food instead of stopping along the way. We would love to have the opportunity to stop at Subway to get a tofurkey sub. Please Subway offer us an alternative to the veggies-only sub you currently offer!
—Michelle Kucerak
Durham, NC
I've always loved Subway. But as a vegan there are fewer options at Subway than I would like. Even something like guacamole or hummus would make the sandwiches twice as good. If Subway put veggie meats on the menu, I would eat there way more often!
—Annette Parkes
Vancouver, Canada
I am vegan and, from what I understand, the veggie patty has eggs in it. It would be great to have Tofurkey, Yves, or Smart Life brand deli slices as an option at Subway. We travel a lot and often eat at Subways on the road - I'd love to have some protein on my sandwich! Thanks for considering this.
—Belinda Robinson
Schaumburg, IL
I too was so disappointed to learn that the veggie patty isn't vegan! By choosing a vegan brand for this product you would gain so many customers!
—Kadi Ingram
Turlock, CA
A Tofurky Subway!!!!! What a great idea....I'll definately try one.
—Steven Scott
Punta Gorda, FL
I'd love to see mock meats at Subway! There is a Subway on the way to the metro and right by work. I'd certainly stop by more often if I had the option to get veggie meats with my veggie delight!
—Christina Liebler
Silver Spring, MD