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Comments (18,080)

You're the company who advertises as the "healthy" alternative in the fast food industry; why not show us you mean it! Maybe start by giving us a non-dairy cheese option like Tofutti Singles which both vegans and those with dairy allergies can both enjoy!
—Serafina Kalashnikova
Springfield, MO
I would love to go to Subway instead of Taco Bell all the time! A vegan faux-meat option would be filling enough to allow me to do that.
—Sarah Husband
Arlington, VA
I whole heartedly support this! Tofurky is a staple in my fridge but I'd love to someday try a faux meatball marinara sub!
—Natalie Hsu
Thousand Oaks, CA
hay subway. I am an occasional customer of your stores. If you all were to include vegan (mock) meats, I would, far more often, be a customer as well encourage others to do so as well.
—mike n. durschmid
chicago, IL
We would love to have another vegan option other than the veggie delight. Vegetarian "meats" would be great and we would eat at Subway several times a week. Thank you
—Jude Brewer
Gainesville, FL
I would love more vegan options at Subway!!
—Daniel Frankal
Daly City, CA
More vegetarian/vegan additions to your menu please and buy local !
—Kathryn Edgecomb
Vancouver, WA
Veganaise, fresh avocado slices, sprouts, and faux meatballs would be wonderful additions to the Subway menu.
—Lola Zapata
Hollywood, CA
I'd love to see more vegan options. Thanks for asking!
—Kim Logan
Ukiah, CA
do it, it's healthy, good for the planet, and cruelty free
—stephen kowalski
falls church, VA