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Comments (17,990)

Vegan options please in Illinois; we are out here waiting for you to embrace us
—terrence ward
midlothian, IL
Please consider offering vegan options at all of your locations.
—Melissa Sharp
Eagle, ID
It's time you offered a vegan sub!
—David Sheets
Columbus, OH
Please consider offering a vegan sub at your shops in southern California! Thank you!
—Jennifer Shea
Corona, CA
I want Subway to offer a vegan sub with plant based cheeses and plant based meats.
—Jack Wendt
Grand Haven, MI
Please start carrying plant based vegan meats and cheeses. It would also be nice if the veggie delight wasn’t as expensive as the specialty sandwiches since they contain way less product.
—Steve Cliff
Seattle, WA
Please make a vegan sub! Promise you won't regret it :)
—Alexandra Regan
Carlsbad, CA
Please start offering vegan meats and cheeses! It would be an awesome addition for everybody who loves subway!
—Kirsten Petersen
Seattle, WA
Vegan Vegan Vegan options please :) Gluten-free would be lovely too.
—Monica Toca
South plainfield, NJ
I would love it if you offered vegan options!!!
—Ellen DeFrancesco
Oceanside, NY