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Comments (16,977)

Please bring veggie meats to GR
—Bev Bayer
Grand Rapids, MI
I had the Malibu vegan patty in CT and it was great! Please bring these to IN!
—Sandeep Raja
Madison, IN
I would like to see more vegan options at my local subway!
—Valerie Tabbita
Clinton, MA
We need more vegan food!
—TJ Guthrie
Clinton, MA
The subway on York rd would benefit greatly from offering vegan options! It is an area lacking in vegan options, so this would be appreciated
—Celine Yakoumatos
Towson, MD
Please make your vegan patty options available at ALL Subway restaurants. My family has stopped eating at Subway since going vegan last year, as the Veggie Max patty contains eggs. We really miss having Subway as an option!
—Jennifer Licata
Lockport, NY
Arizona has a huge vegan community, where da vegan patties at??
—Cheyenne Crossett
Phoenix, AZ
The convenience of subway is great. Thank you for already having vegan options. Please bring a vegan protein option to your menu!
—Ally Lackinger
Fredericksburg, VA
Would LOVE to see Vegan subs in North Central Florida!!!
—Laura Bass
Please bring vegan options to this area!
—angela deegan
Warminster, PA