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Comments (17,990)

Am a vegetarian and would love to have more vegan options at subway. I love the veggie delight and patty but wd be interested in more vegan options.
—Dinesh Jayapathy
woburn, MA
Subway appears to literally be the last big company to offer a vegan option, ive eaten at subway as a preferred fast food outlet for ocer 15 years now, please bring the vegan options to the uk where they will be VERY well recieved, you are missing out on such a huge demographic by not offering an option, the amount of people who wont eat subway because all they can have is salad on one type of bread. Even macdonalds veggie burger is vegan!!! Come on, you are now so far behind its not funny...
—joey james
worcester, United Kingdom
Vegan options please.
—Jody Farrugia
Windsor, Canada
Do you have any stores in OC or Irvine where you offer mailbu garden or black bean option ?
—vinaya Kini
Irvine, CA
Please consider offering a vegan option! I love the veggie patty, but most locations do not offer it.
—Rochelle Morgan
Atlanta, GA
Please consider offering a vegan option! I love the veggie patty, but most locations do not offer it.
—Rochelle Morgan-Verdin
Atlanta, GA
I just got a veggie pattie and now I don't even know if it was vegan *sigh* it would be great to have a "V" on vegan sauces too
—Alyssa Holstock
Cambridge, Canada
Please offer vegan subs!
—Janelle Muletz
Frostburg, MD
My two daughters and so many friends and relatives miss going to subway to get a good meal like we used to when we ate meat! PLEASE bring more vegan to VA!
—Michelle Perea
Alexandria , VA
I would absolutely love it if you offered 2-3 vegan choices at my local Subway in West End NC. There are so few places for vegans to eat out with friends and offering vegan options would make me a regular customer at Subway.
—Joan Trombini
West End, NC