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Comments (16,208)

have been in Atlanta,New York, downtown LA, and home to Barcelona all this month, and STILL no sign of a vegan sandwich. Hurry, please, we're hungry!!!!
—Sam scala
Barcelona, Spain
Vegan options here please
—Jess Leek
Biddeford, ME
I urge you to offer vegan options nationwide.
—anthony montapert
ventura, CA
Please bring your veggie and vegan options to Tuscaloosa, AL especially your black bean patty.
—Emily Mitchell
Tuscaloosa, AL
I am a vegan for 13 years and I enjoy eating your vegan options and most of the time I ordered the Avocado veggie sub from you. I am looking forward to try your Black Bean and other delicious vegan options. Thanks, Ron
—ron reeberg
rio linda, CA
I don't eat fast food much that is unless they offer vegan food. I live in the south and would really like to see it come to this area. Please consider being Vegan at least part of the way!!!
—mary fisher
waco, GA
Please make your Vegan subs available everywhere here in CT Thanks
—Cynthia LaCroix
Boazrah, CT
Please bring vegan options to every restaurant in the my area. I no longer buy fast food, but if you were to give me and other an vegans that option, we most likely support your restaurants... everywhere...
—eva munoz
monrovia, CA
We'd like to see vegan options here in Fitchburg, MA please
—Melissa Beaulac
Fitchburg, MA
New Malibu Vegan sub is excellent! Please make them available everywhere.
—Jon Rubin
Avon, CT