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Comments (16,049)

I was able to try your vegan black bean patty in Glendale, CA. This was great! I hope you can keep this delicious product and have it in other locations.
—Heidi Krauser
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Would love to see at least one of the new vegan options in the Milwaukee area.
—Sherri Andrews
Brookfield, WI
Hello! We enjoy the regular Subway veggie sandwiches, and we would be so excited to have the Malibu Garden and Black Bean burgers at our local Lawrenceburg, TN Subway! Please, pretty please!
—Joelle McNulty
Lawrenceburg, TN
Please offer vegan sandwiches in the Boston area! We are ready and hungry for fast healthy vegan food!
—Lesley Ofrichter
Malden, MA
More meat substitute and eggless mayo
—vilma khillawan
sangre grande, Trinidad and Tobago
I would love if their were vegan options anywhere near me. Even in the Twin cities, there isn't any vegan option at subway! I just want something different and all the vegan sandwiches look so good!!
—Hannah Gagliardi
Zimmerman, MN
Please have the new vegan sandwiches available at a Subway in Orange County! I can't wait to try them both!
—Jason Platt
La Habra, CA
Thank you for veg sandwich..would love vegan options in NW INDIANA.
—lynn carroll
hebron, IN
I travel in my job and see subways at many truck stops. I can only eat so many veggie delights. It would be nice to get some vegan protein options. Thanks!!
—Karen Norman
Colorado Springs, CO
This is welcome move! Please enable vegan options in all Subway places!
—Ranga Padmanabhan
Rockville, MD