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I go between Boston and NYC regularly and would love to see the Vegan Riblet or black bean patty in North East locations! I often choose taco bell for a more substantial vegan meal when on the go despite my love for fresh veggies. Also, many food stores and eateries such as Wholefoods are also partnering with Hampton Creek who makes an eggless product called Just Mayo that is appealing to a wide audience and has a more "wholesome" image than traditional mayonnaise while still being very cost effective. Would love to see that at subway too!
—Sarah Hollins
New York, NY
one more proponent for vegan subs right here!
—Jeremy Stumpp
Temecula, CA
Love veggie delight but would love vegan more!
—Beverly mcintyre
washington, DC
We are vegans and eat veggie subs from Subway all the time, but we have to rush home with them so we can add our own vegan patties. We'd happily pay more to Subway if you had veggie meats available right there in the store!
—Bethany Petr
Elkridge, MD
Yes! Vegan options, please. The Subway tested ones look good. Even partner with Beyond Meat, too.
—Ci Ci
Wilmington, NC
Would totally love to be able to purchase the Italian Black Bean here in Louisville, KY. Also, would visit Subway more often if they offered more vegan options. As a diabetic I'm trying to eat better, including less processed meats, etc.
—Beverly Camic
Louisville, KY
Hi, I used to eat at Subway because they were a healthier option than fast food restaurants. When I became vegan almost 2 years ago, I stopped going there because there wasn't much option for vegans. Adding a felafel or vegan veggie patty helps add extra nutrients other than bread and whole veggies. Making more options for vegans also helps bring profit to Subway too. So it's a win win!
—Anita Mishra
Farmington Hills, MI
I'm a vegan living in the U.P. of Michigan. Although I enjoy your footlong veggie delight sub on wheat from time to time, I'd eat at your restaurants more often if you had more vegan options/lvegan meats on the menu
—Kevin Crupi
Negaunee, MI
i personally am part of a group of vegans/vegetarians that used to love subway and still make time to revisit but haveing the same old thing gets old if you guys added some more options we would probably be there at least 3-5 times a week
—kevin mendez
edison, NJ
Would love to see some more vegan options at Subway. There are so many flavorful and vegan sandwich fillings and more and more people are trying to go meatless!
—Helen Tochka
South Dennis, MA