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Comments (13,746)

The only vegan option for me at subway is the veggie delight...which consists of veggies, bread and condiments. I would LOVE if there were more veggie/vegan options at subways in the DC area and would probably eat there fairly regularly!!!!
—Amanda Nooter
Washington, DC, DC
The vegan test sandwiches were a hit! So much so, that they ran out before I could try them! Please bring back protein packed vegan options!
—Christine Baluha
Laurel, MD
As a new vegan I'm finding it challenging to find those fast vegan options. Subway has so many veggies, but knowing I could have vegan options I would eat there much more frequently!
—Stacy Cain
Grand Rapids, MI
I am on my way to becoming a vegan and would be so glad to have more choices at Subway. The 3 new options I've read about sound great! Please bring them to all Subways in Canada soon. Thanks.
—S. Doman
Thompson, Canada
Offer vegan options (tempeh would be awesome, hummus, falafel) and I will actually buy from your store!
—Sophie Campbell
Tampa, FL
Please add vegan meats!! It would help out so many vegans. We love you subway but it's hard for us to eat with you. Please think of a little change in menu!
—Lauren DeBeau
La Verne, CA
This is from a vegan teenager who lives in a low income family. We resort to chain restaurant for the majority of our meals, and if you offered some more vegan options not only would I appreciate it but you would be back on our list. Please!
—Anna Belle
Nokomis, FL
I eat at subway regularly and really enjoy your food (thanks for avocados!) but can only eat one bread (Italian) because I'm vegan. I would really like to see Subway expand its vegan offerings especially because of your emphasis on health
—Alex Bayran
Los Angeles, CA
Please bring more vegan options to Massachusetts.
—Jenny McCormick
Agawam, MA
Come on Subway your tests in DC went great so now the rest of us want a chance to experience a full vegan dining experience at one of our most valuable nationwide franchises.
—Morgan W
Baton Rouge, LA