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Comments (14,840)

SAN DIEGO Subways need veggie meats! I would go back there every week again for sure! Compassion & Love <3
—Kimberly Garcia
San Diego, CA
Can you please bring veggie meats to SAN DIEGO Subways? My boyfriend and i used to go to Subway every week, but I have been Vegan for about 5 months now and the only option I have left is the veggie delight. It's really great but sometimes I wish Subway had more veggie meats. I would be back every week again for sure!
—Kimberly Garcia
San Diego, CA
Please bring the vegan options to Memphis, TN thanks!
—lisa pfund
Germantown, TN
I love Subway! But getting a vegan sub without "meatier" options is difficult! I have a subway about ten minutes from my house so having vegetarian meatsb would be perfect!!
—Kayla Weaver
Cleveland, GA
I would love to eat at subway! PLEASE bring vegan choices to North Idaho!
—Dortha Herby
Hayden, ID
Gee, We would love the additional vegetarian and vegan options of falafel and black bean sandwiches in our area. Try us out as a test market in Bradenton and Sarasota.
—Virginia Pratt
Bradenton, FL
Can the meats and the vegetables kept separate and gloves changes when putting vegetables in meat sandwich. Vegetarians have to eat the veggies which have been touched by the juices and pieces of meat as they are lying side by side with meat and handled by gloves covered in meat juice and pieces when making a meat sandwich.
—purvhi joshi
pflugerville, TX
PLEASE bring vegan choices to Subway in Yorktown, VA
—Patricia Buck
Yorktown, VA
Please bring vegan options to East Tennessee stores. Would love to have more options for K-Town vegans!!
—GINA Capoccia
Maryville, TN
Subway, how about vegan options in the Rochester NY area? Thanks for caring about us.
—Frederick Remus
Naples, NY