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Comments (14,859)

We eat there everyweek
—melanie bishop
clearwater, FL
are you going to offer gluten free bread or flatbread for the subs at any time
—josie pelzer
charleroi, PA
I would like Vegan meat substitutes.
—Jerry Bushey
Austin, TX
offer vegan meats please
—Janet Bushey
Austin, TX
I love the idea of having vegan options in subway! Please could you test these vegan options in England? Can you try vegan mayo and cheese too?
—Floella Bradbury
London, United Kingdom
I would be a happy lady if you added meatless options besides Veggie Delite (which I love)I love Morningstar Farm. Ohio thanks you for your consideration.
—Jan Galiardo
Dayton, OH
Dear Subway, I really like eating at your restaurant; however, I would really like to have more vegan options such as using veggie meats. This would be wonderful! Thanks! Melissa
—Melissa S.
Bloomington, MN
I love subway but I would like more vegan options at my University which is Cal State Long Beach
—Diana Rosales
Long Beach , CA
New England needs vegan options! You're going to have them in a few years because that's the direction America's headed, just do it now! There is a huge market for it in CT as we don't have many vegan options.
—Haley Shadle
Middletown, CT
Hi, I really appreciate knowing vegan options were tested with Subway. I love eating at Subway and would love it if a vegan patty was available. Thank you for your time. - Atma
—Atma Das
Atlanta, GA