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Hello! I just read an article which discussed many subways throughout America now offering vegan options. Sadly, I don't think any subways near me carry these options. I live in Massachusetts and I love subway, but since becoming vegan, it has become very difficultto dine at your restaurant. I would be a much happier customer if I was able to have more than one option (veggie delight minus the cheese). Thanks, Michelle
—Michelle Farrell
East bridgewater , MA
I would surely like to see vegetarian/vegan deli meats offered at Subway! That type of move would put Subway ahead of any sandwich shop with so many people adopting a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. As a vegetarian myself I would definitely support and spend my money with Subway! I would finally feel like I have at least one healthy option available.
—Aneesa Pendleton
Hammond, IN
Please offer Vegan sandwiches in Massachusetts! This would be great!
—Tamara Allen
Westborough, MA
Please bring vegan options to Louisville, KY
—jesse hardy
louisville, KY
Please add more vegan options on the subway menu for loyal vegan customers to feast on
—Fateh Needstheveganfood
sanger, CA
Hi there! Being from the Midwest, the options for vegans are rather slim. I'd absolutely love for Subways near me to offer vegan-friendly sandwiches!
—Sora Block
Papillion, NE
I love vegan subs! But are your cookies vegan? For example is oatmeal raison vegan?
—Sarah Sudheer
Chennai, India
I was so excited to hear about these new vegan options!!! Me, my husband, and all of my friends would love for you to bring these vegan options to Charlotte, NC!!!! I live in Fort Mill SC which is about 20 minutes from Charlotte but I believe the new vegan subs will spark more attention and be more profitable for the company if they are distributed in Charlotte NC. Please let me know if this expansion is already underway... I would love to be a part of the social media promotion!!!
—Jazmine Snyder
Fort Mill, SC
Please bring the vegan options to Canada! I alone will buy thousands lol no joke
—Max M
Calgary, Canada
Canton, OH needs vegan options at the many, many Subway locations in our area. I miss Subway - used to go all the time till I went vegan.
—Nancy Allman-Bull
Canton, OH