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Comments (15,230)

CT needs more vegan options at Subway. At least all the subways should have hummus. In a perfect world every Subway would have, hummus, falafals, and fake burgers. Think of all the added business.
—sheryl thibeault
Ellington, CT
Subway, please bring veggie based meats to your franchise and be the savior we all need.
—Marvin Mansilla
I love Subway but would super appreciate more veggie options- some of those veggie meats are awesome. Love the efforts you're already making to incorporate more vegan options. Keep em coming! :)
—Kestrel Innes-Wimsatt
Silver Spring, MD
When I went out last night to the Subway in Waynedale, I asked if they had the veggie patty and they said they did not, even though it was on their sign. I really would like to see mushrooms and some sort of bean available to put in the sandwiches, as a plant based eater looking for healthy, balanced nutrition and great taste. I enjoy your sandwiches, I just wish I didn't feel the need to go next door and buy veggie meats or beans or mushroom to put on at the grocery store, hahaha.
—Sheila Hite
Fort Wayne, IN
I love Subway and appreciate their effort to offer and partake in cruelty free diets! I would LOVE if there were vegan subs that I could put "meat" on! Please keep those vegan friendly options coming!
—Karlee D
Grand Junction, CO
Please offer veggie meats for Subway's in the state of Colorado. Thank you.
—tshava Turk
aurora, CO
OMG! I luv subways veggie delite, & the veggie patty- BUT when are your falafel, Malibu sub and Italian black-bean VEGAN SUBS coming to NY!?!?! they sound DELISH!!!
—mimi demaio
nanuet, NY
Please offer vegan options in Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks!
—Aida Davidson
Pittsburgh, PA
I have been eating Subway's veggie pattie sandwiches for years but today I got my first taste of the falafel sandwich at a local Subway. It was exceptional. I intend to recommend it to my vegetarian friends. Subway needs to know that many of us appreciate their efforts in this area.
—Tony Pompa
Washington Grove, MD
Please do expand, this would be amazing and would bring in SO much more customers! Take part in the movement to make this world a better place, please, and include vegan options! thank you :)
—Alexa Gallardo
Kissimmee, FL