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I've been vegetarian since I was 8 years old (32 now), and I've been eating at Subway even longer! Subway has always been a decent option for vegetarians, but for vegans, there isn't much on your menu that provides protein (anything?). These tasty new vegan options open up a whole new market for you, and veganism is growing! I highly suggest you bring your vegan options Nation-wide, as vegans are everywhere! And you're sure to get even more loyal customers if you offer your vegan options in areas that don't have a lot of vegan options (Like Texas and less urbanized areas). You've got a hit here! Keep it rolling! Love the Riblet!
—Ashley Anne S.
Falls Church, VA
Please bring your Vegan options to any of the three Subways in Durango CO., The Subway in Bayfield, CO. or the newest Subway in Ignacio, CO. We desperately need plant based options out here.
—Katleen Juracka
Bayfield, CO
Dear Subway, There is no future in meat products, vegetarianism is the healthy option. Peace. Amitofo! Bob Antalek
Please expand your vegan menu to restaurants in the Akron, Ohio area. There are plenty of vegetarians here!
—Laurel Gress
Wadsworth, OH
Thank you for testing. Can't wait until vegan options come to New England!!!
—Wendy Edwards
Boscawen, NH
Please start a vegan menu in my area
—bonnie applegate
Bloomingdale, GA
Expand your vegan options nationwide!!
—Caryn Schneider
Great company and great to hear about the expansion of your Vegan options in DC and LA. I now stop at Subways when Im in LA but no dice in my own market in Kansas City. The time is NOW to roll out these great Vegan options system wide!
—Joe Kotulic
Kansas City, MO
I would love to see vegan options in Boston!
—Jackie Smith
Brookline, MA
More vegan meat meals, please.
—Steve Barney
Oshkosh, WI