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Comments (16,996)

Please vegan subway in Florida.
—chris legg
Fort Myers, FL
We need vegan patties in Bakersfield, CA!
—Jaimee Brownlow
Bakersfield, CA
Hope to find vegan options at subway denali
—Ben Forest
Denali, AK
You have lost company quality and control. I have been in your stores in Cleveland, Ooltewah, and Chattanooga. A Redesign is not what is needed.
—Doug Bobitt
Cleveland, TN
Please bring the Black Bean patty to SF.
—Brian Fisher
San Francisco, CA
Please offer vegan options at all locations
—John Tapogna
Homestead, FL
It would be awesome to see this near where I live.
—hillary morgan
amory, MS
Need more vegan options in Phoenix and Tucson, please.
—Tania Garrett
Casa Grande, AZ
There are no vegan restaurant in most of my state's towns. Having subway as a choice would be great for us vegan people.
—gianluigi pizzuto
ponca city, OK
I live in the country and so when I want to stop and grab a vegan meal my options are extremely limited. I would love to see subway offer vegan subs and I can easily see my self purchasing a lot of vegan subs from subway. Please bring vegan subs to Saint Charles and Saginaw!
— Natalie Delemeester
Saint Charles , MI