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Comments (13,626)

Please add vegan protein options to your menu! I love subway, but I would go there much more often if I knew there were more options for me. Thank you!
—Sarah Butler
Albany, OR
My family and I used to go to Subway quite often, but we have had to find other places to go after I cut meat out of my diet. Please add some more meat-free options and veggie meats to your menu! Thank you.
—Destiny Dawkins
Knoxville, TN
Love subway, but would love it even more if it gave me the option to add vegan meats to my sandwich
—Caitlin Anderson
Rock Island, IL
Hoping to see vegan options come to the permanent subway menu very soon!!
—Colleen Murphy
Flora, IL
I would love to see Tofurkey "hickory smoke" flavor, or MorningStar spicy black bean burger. Right now I have to sneak in my own vegetarian meat substitute because you don't serve one in my area. Please add one of these to your menu options. There are a lot of people who are trying to eat less meat these days.
—Ingrid Modaresi
Rock Hill, SC
Please add more vegetarian/vegan/meatless options to the menu. Also, please hold your meat suppliers more accountable for the behavior with which they treat their animals.
—Tim Kinsman
Akron, OH
Please add some more vegan options with protein to your menu. I would eat at Subway much more often if you did this. Consider patties like "Chickenless Patties" or "Quorn" or now there are LOTS of options for you. Thank you.
—Bruce Measom
West Bloomfield, MI
I do not mind the refreshing veggie sandwich, but simply having the meatless options would expand my options as well as Subway customers. I have to say, since going Vegan, I do not eat here as often as I did when I had more options. Please consider it!
—Yvonne Newton
Denton, TX
I love Subway's veggie delight sandwich. It would be great if I could add a vegan meat option to my sandwich!
—Sherry Schnebly
Yakima, WA
Love Subway for the healthier choices for my family. Please offer more vegan choices for me. The veggie patty is not totally veggie and is very misleading since it has animal protein (egg). There are plenty of plant options to use as a binding agent. Get on the Non-GMO & plant based band wagon and GUARANTEED, profits will SOAR! I promise many will sing your praises on Facebook and Twitter and it will go VIRAL.
—Kris Greene
Cottonwood, AZ