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Comments (14,495)

Please bring your Malibu Vegan sandwich to Rio De Janeiro - Brazil!!!
—Renata Hein
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
I'd love to see the vegan sandwich options brought to the DC area!
—Richard Johnson
Arlington, VA
I'd love to see the types of vegan options you've been trialing in LA, become available here in the UK! I miss eating at Subway since changing my diet; as more people change their diets, I hope Subway changes along with them. :-)
—Lucie H
London, United Kingdom
My work requires a lot of daily driving so I am in a position to eat out quite frequently. I would LOVE to be able to choose Subway much more often if you had more Vegan options (please consider bread choices with this, too).
—Caitlin Flaherty
Staten Island, NY
Please bring in more vego/vegan options.. A GOOD VEGAN MOYO AT LEAST!
—madeline kirby
melbourne, Australia
Please bring vegan choices to OKC!!
—Susan Perry
Oklahoma City , OK
Hey, Subway...Atlanta, Georgia has a huge vegan population. How about trying out your veggie subs here? Let us know when it happens!
—Bill Rubin
Atlanta, GA
I used to love eating at Subway, but since I've been vegan there's really not many choices. It's boring eating the same thing every time I go. Also, I'm not even sure which breads contain egg or not. My boyfriend works at Subway and he's had several vegans in his store and they've been upset with the lack of options. Veganism is becoming more and more popular and I think it'd be a smart move on Subways part to add more vegan options. It would definitely bring in more business.
—Jennifer Sowers
Englewood, CO
Please allow vegan options at our local Subways!
—Joanna Mares
Redlands, CA
vegan options in st. louis, mo. PLEASE!
—Donna Allen
St. Louis, MO