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Comments (14,746)

It's will be so nice if Subway can added vegan menu on the shop in HCMC. Thank you!
—Tran Yen
hochiminh, Vietnam
I love the Subway chain. I hope to see vegan options soon. I love your subs, but i want more than veggies!
—Olivia Oney
Columbus, GA
Many people would really appreciate vegan options in Bakersfield, California! (:
—Jazmin Flores
Bakersfield, CA
It would be very nice for subway to offer vegan options soon to their menu. thank you and God bless
—Katherine Arakelian
Orlando , FL
Please put a vegan option in all of your stores.
—Rebecca MacGrath
Saint Mary\'s , GA
Bring the vegan sandwiches to Long Beach and Orange County! There are vegans here too who want to avail themselves to fast food!
—Lee Marie Sanchez
Huntington Beach, CA
Vegan options in all your stores please! Spruce Pine, NC too.
—Cathy Pickett
Englewood, FL
Please show Las Vegas some love!!
—Rhayemun Black
Las Vegas, NV
PLEASE bring the Vegan options to the New England States (especially the Subway at the Twin RIver Casino location) and Taunton MA! Love, Love, Love this!!! Thank you!
—Cathy McCra
Taunton, MA
It's tough to find a fast food option that provides veggie options. Subway has always been the one place to at least get a veggie sub. With more options, I'd be sure to stop by much more often!
—Thom Guzowski
Los Angeles, CA