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Comments (16,953)

Please include vegan options wed really love that.!!!
—Meredith Torres
Mission, TX
PLEASE add vegan options to your Annapolis, MD locations!!!
—Jean Tupper
Annapolis , MD
Is there any vegan options in Ohio yet?
—Michael Knote
Dayton , OH
Out of all the local sandwich chains Subway offers the best variety of veggies. Please expand your vegan options to the Inland Empire.
—Adria Gabor
Corona , CA
On our Page AZ menus Veggie Patties are on the Local Favorites! Please roll out the Vegan Subs in Arizona and Utah....
—Heather Rankin
Page, AZ
We need vegan options in Saratoga Springs/Albany NY!
—Punit Jain
Saratoga, NY
Please bring vegan to Hermosillo Sonora Mexico!!
—Edith Soberanes
hermosillo, Mexico
My whole family members are vegan and we love your vegan support. Thanks thanks
—Vuong Nguyen
I just recently changed my diet to a vegan diet. I would love for the Portland, OR subways to carry the new vegan black bean patty. I would probably start eating subway 3 times a week if you had this. Please and thank you!
—Daryl Gregory
Portland, OR
I'd love to see all your new vegan options in Canada. Thanks.
—Lisa Howell
Barrie, Canada