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Comments (16,572)

I love them!!! Could you also try to make them low sodium? :) Great options for us, thanks!
—Danielle Cohen
Marina Del Rey, CA
I hope this comes to Dubai. There are many here who would like it.
—Michael Dorian
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I would love to see you offer veggie based meats and gluten free is always nice too :P Brooklyn, NY
—lisa Khudoynazarova
brooklyn, NY
Please bring this stuff to Moriarty and Albuquerque! I know so many people that are begging for it!
—Joshua Cline
Moriarty , NM
Vegan menu options in far northwest San Antonio area please!!!
—Kaherine flores
San Antonio, TX
PLEASE I used to LOVE subway now I can't enjoy it :(
—Zulma No
las Vegas , NV
Pls. bring vegan options to the Daytona Beach area!!
—diana lemon
Flagler Beach, FL
Please bring your vegan options to Austin!
—Josh Jarvis
Austin, TX
Blossoming vegan community in Edwardsville Illinois and we would love these options! I think I can speak for us all and say we would gladly drive to St. Louis Missouri though. Please get these options near us!
—Katherine McCullough
Edwardsville, IL
What about New Jersey? Lots of vegans here.
—Sherry Fudim
Roseland, New Jersey, NJ