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Comments (18,116)

Please offer more vegan options.
—Danette Zachary
Hackberry, AZ
It would be AWESOME if you guys had more VEGAN meats. ALSO. if your chipotle sauce was vegan that would be really cool.
—Nicholas Massoni
Sierra Vista, AZ
Please bring the vegan patties to Manitoba!
—David Capelle
Winnipeg, Canada
I wish there was a vegan option besides just veggies. Maybe a Seitan sandwich or a chickpea salad with vegan mayo . I love Subway but looking for other options. Also... Please bring the black bean patty to Washington... Jacob Flores
—Jacob Flores
Everett, WA
I am vegetarian/vegan and would like you to offer vegan/vegetarian meals that have a lot of protein, and are delicious and nutritious. I no longer eat at Subway now that I am vegetarian. I want to come back, so won't you help? There aren't a lot of vegan/vegetarian options for us at fast food restaurants in West Virginia. Please bring to our area the vegan sandwiches you sell in other areas. Thank you for your consideration.
—Evelyn Phillips
Beckley, WV
Yes more vegan options. I want a vegan patty and hummus sandwhich option and vegan mayo. That would be great. I'd go there more often.
—Kristina Cahill
Long Beach, CA
More vegan options please
—Claudia Galvan
Duncanville, TX
Since going Vegan 3 years ago, it's been disappointing to not have many options at restaurants you grew up with. I can still enjoy a veggie wrap, but the Subways in the UK have a Vegan Patty and Falafel... What's up USA? Vegan is the future so you best get on board. Until then, I'll be waiting patiently.
—Kayla Falco
Jacksonville, FL
We would love for a healthy vegan patty option in the U.S. We got to try the new vegan patty when we went to the UK a couple weeks ago and it was delicious and so nice to have a heartier option than the veggie delight.
—Dylan Jones
Portland, OR
I would like to eat a vegan sandwich.
—Johanna Stiller
Augsburg, Germany