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Comments (14,637)

Hello Subway, It would be brilliant if you added a vegan option to your menu. I'm certain it'd be very successful and I'd be a regular customer! Thanks!
—Pete Correia
London, United Kingdom
Be Pro Vegetarian! Create More Healthier Menu Options For Stores In The Metropolitan Area!
—Victor Mauricio Rivera
Union City, NJ
I've been going to Subways around Washington, DC for decades. As a vegetarian, I always order the veggie-max, but many stores either don't have them or have run out, so I have to go elsewhere. PLEASE give vegetarians more choices, and PLEASE carry a vegan choice. I promise I would practically live in your stores, if you would include these options on your menu. Thanks for your time.
—Lenore Sek
Washington, DC
Roll out the vegan options please!! You guys will do so well I promise!! Start with one option at least!! Thanks!!!
—Justin Malarkey
Kingston, PA
Please bring the vegan options to Connecticut!
—Christine Steinberg
Glastonbury , CT
Yay to vegetarian and vegan options at subway! Bring it to Arkansas! Another easy veggie option to offer: hummus :)
—C Young
Eureka Springs, AR
Please send these to my Subway (Torrance CA, Corner of Sepulveda and Crenshaw Blvd). I get the veggie pattie or veggie delight 3 times a week and need something new!
—William Wickett
lawndale, CA
Hello Subway management...Just wanted you to know how Very Much I'd love to see those new vegan sandwiches here in the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware region. I live nearby in Georgetown, DE - and head up the local veg group. I can tell you first-hand so many of the thousands of beach visitors we get each year are looking for healthy, affordable vegan meals. Would be wonderful to be able to send them to Subway for a Malibu or Black Bean burger! Thanks for considering this!
—Patricia Haddock
Georgetown, DE
Thanks for the great new choices! Please expand to the Inland Empire soon. Not all veggie folks are in LA.
—Jodi Junkins Shadle
Fontana, CA
Please please please bring the new vegan subs to Flower Mound, TX! I would totally go to Subway religiously if you had these vegan-dedicated options! Subway has always been about eating healthy and this would aid in the stores' healthy plant-based progress! You would definitely have 100% support from the Vegan community! :)
—Leigh Marrs
flower mound, TX