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Comments (14,026)

Hopefully I will be able to find a vegan sandwich near me in Upland, CA. Thanks for listening to your customers!
—Julie Yoast
Upland, CA
I'd be a regular at Subway for vegan subs.
—Scott Slocum
White Bear Lake, MN
Please have more vegan options.
—Erik Fleming
Tucson, AZ
We would love vegan options in Tucson.
—Debbie McNally
PLEASE offer the falafel in Orange County, CA stores!! Any of the new vegan sandwiches would be great down here, but I love falafel :-)
—Susan Bill
Huntington Beach, CA
One year later and still waiting for vegan meats like Tofurky deli slices! I never go to Subway now, but this would change EVERYTHING.
—Kassy Ortega
Alexandria, VA
Excited to hear about the new vegan sub - please bring it to Phoenix though! I know MANY who would love to give it a try!
—Jennifer Zahn
Phoenix, AZ
Im a vegetarian living in a small town in NB Canada. With limited vegetarian restaurants here, Subway is my go to place. Although I love my all vegetable subs I would love to have another option! PLEASE bring the new vegan subs to Canada .... especially on our East coast.
—Cathy Hoyt
Fredericton, Canada
Please make the vegan sandwiches available everywhere. I love Subway and want to get something heartier than just cold veggies.
—Deanna Marsh
Colleyville, TX
Vegans are always looking for good food options while traveling. Subway can be both forward thinking and make a bundle by offering these vegan subs all across the country! Hooray!
—Aly Fabbri
Atlanta, GA